Let’s (not) talk about it…

I have been enjoying my time as a newlywed and with my time off I have been around many people. Something I’ve noticed more and more is the topic of weight. I hate this. Why does weight have to be an issue? How come the first thing people say about other is “she has put on weight,” or “wow she looks like she lost weight.” Why do we focus on this one physical trait instead of complimenting each other on more important things. Things like success, kids, personal growth or development. It really is no wonder why fad diet CEO’s are rich and their customers still continue to struggle with self-image. This is sad. This is a problem. I am not saying I am perfect, nor that I have never thought negatively of someone’s self-image. However, I am trying to train myself to think positive things about other people. When they begin to bring up the weight topic, I try to sway the conversation somewhere positive. Anyone else have thoughts?


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