Dog Probs.

We have two dog’s: a yellow lab, Remi, who is 2 years old and a welsh corgi, Lola, who is 6 months. Anyways, long story short, Lola had parvo at four months old and she was on diamond puppy food. She had been on this food since we got her from the breeder and actually we have Remi on diamond dog food too. Lola was chubby before she got parvo and then lost weight cuz she was so sick and it seemed like she had diarrhea all the time afterwards. We thought she just had a sensitive tummy so we were super careful about what we fed her and she just never seemed to put on any weight and was still sick ALL THE TIME. We took her to the vet and then found out that she was probably allergic to her food-something to do with the parvo. So the vet put her on a strict diet without chicken, corn, egg, and flour.

Around here there are literally two places we can get dog food within 20 miles. So we went to Bomgaar’s and found literally one kind of dog food and one kind of treat that she could actually have. For food we use Taste of the Wild-Grain Free- Pacific Salmon, SHE LOVES IT and she has gained some weight now. For treats we use Darford Baked Pumpkin biscuits. She also likes these. If your pup has allergies give these a try!

Any other suggestions on treats or chewy’s that she could have? Any advice for pet owners new to pet allergies?



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